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Cloud Cake

Lifted Liquids
$17.99 $28.99

Can there be anything greater than cake? Whatever type of person you are--if you enjoy sweets or not--you can get . Carrot cake, French vanilla, German chocolate, red velvet... the list is endless and it's delicious. But is there a way to have a cake to another level--to elevate it for people that are dessert aficionados, who do not need a cake flavor? Perhaps they need something bolder. That is the reason why some brilliant inventor, at some point, had a thought:"What should we blended cake batter and ice cream?" That individual hopefully won any sort of award, since the world was a much better place since cake batter ice cream was created. The only real downfall: so many calories, so much sugar. Sure, it is well worth it every now and then... but as an everyday treat? It's somewhat much. But Cloud Cake from Lifted is here to help solve this dietary problem and provide you an choice to enjoy this yummy treat when you want. It's a compact, sweet flavor --but there is no spoons, bowls, or guilt with this mix. You are craving something sweet, you may enjoy a sleek vaping session. A mix from Lifted is certain to be the best in quality and flavor, which means you can enjoy a vape that is always wealthy and full-bodied. If you're somebody that loves sweet tastes, this juice is essential for you; and should you like it is DEFINITELY for you. This blend is an opportunity to indulge your sweet side without worrying about your calories; so sit back and drift away on a cloud of flavor using Cloud Cake (your diet will probably thank you!) .

Flavors: Cake, Ice Cream

Cake Cake Batter Dessert Ice Cream
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