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Cookie Refillable Replacement Pod Cartridge


Pods can be the easiest things pop it directly in, fill it up, and to work with since you want a refill, you just pop it out. On the other hand, the sad part comes when your pod cannot give you any more vape trips. The good thing is that you should have a fresh pod ready for you to give a go. The pod is going to have a coil resistance of 1.4ohm plus a pod ability of 2ml. This is likely to be enough room for you to appreciate your e liquids for quite a while before you need to go and fill up it. Giving yourself a refill will be easy also, so do not sweat it. The pods are going to be anti-leak so that you do not make a mess in your bag or your pocket. When all you want to do is chill out with your preferred liquid that is e you do not need any of that crap. Get yourself this fresh pod along with your excursion won't ever come to an end.

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