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When you take a pull of this liquid that is electronic, you're going taste the delicious vanilla. The vanilla is currently going to be so sweet that it is going to make you feel as if you're helping yourself to a ice cream treat that is currently going to be flavorful. You are going to taste flavor making itself understood as you keep pulling. The vanilla combined and the custard will provide you a sensation like no other. This liquid is currently going to easily start to make its way down your throat to make sure that they reach every pot. They don't want to leave you questioning whether this vape excursion was worthwhile. It wants to leave because it was a tooth satisfying encounter you wanting more. There might even be a throat strike that will make your mouth water, however it is not going to be. If you exhale, you're going to feel the mix beginning to make its way outside. The slower you breathe out, the more you appreciate the past few hints that this mix has to offer you. The clouds that you're going to have the ability to make are going to be huge. They are currently going to surround you and let you smell of the aromas that are wonderful that they are carrying. Your cloudy buddies are only going to hang out with you for a little before they have to start saying their goodbyes. But they won't be gone for extended because you will most likely take another hit right away. It is going to be tough to resist!

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard

PG/VG: 30/70

Vanilla Vanilla Custard Pastry Dessert Custard
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