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Inspired by the famed artist whose bits of work are so beautifully weird, unique and thought provoking that they had fully shaken up the art world, this juice is going to remind you of the individualistic spirit that shakes things up and brings in a new breath of excitement into your routine. Want to stop everything that you're doing, phone in sick and set off on a tropical holiday, leaving it all behind. Ah, would not that be fantastic? Due to placed together juices just like this one, it is possible to take just a couple of minutes to get a break and inhale tastes that are so true to make it will be a breeze. Think back to the last time you could go away on a holiday and how relaxed and revived that you felt when you came back home. To perform the best, you need to feel your very best and using a vape juice blend that arouses those thoughts and feelings in mind, it's like you can recapture those feelings whenever you decide to pick up your mod and permit your mind to drift off. Dali brings together juicy from this shrub Georgia peaches with guava fruit. Must Vape E Liquid packed with realistic tastes that will get your jaw hitting the floor and makes very put together blends that are unique.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Guava, Yogurt

PG/VG: 25/75

Yogurt Peach Guava Fruit Tropical Tropical Fruit
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