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Fruit Bomb

Vape Wild E Liquid
$9.99 $16.99

A number people can use a cocktail that is likely to erupt in your mouth, Following a long day of work, or just being busy. Look no further because this liquid is going to try and provide you a burst like no other without it being painful. Fruit bomb is the juicy liquid that's currently going to get you wanting more when you take a little pull of its name. You're likely to taste the raspberries producing their way in your mouth, when you inhale this succulent blend. The raspberries are currently providing you all their sour qualities in order. The tartness may be a bit too much but do not worry because the strawberries are going to start making their way in and balance out everything. A sour and sweet combination that a lot of men and women find irresistible. Notify you these berries were not any regular ones which you buy in the supermarket and the strawberries are currently going to be juicy. These are berries which came from a shrub that gives the berries which are ripest and ready for eating. Don't underestimate the taste of this strawberry! You can taste the cherry begin to make its way, as you enjoy your cocktail. The mango is another succulent fruit in this blend that's also likely to take this sensation which is going to be worth and creamy allowing your taste buds focus on. Last, but not least, you are likely to taste the pineapple getting powerful in the whole mix. The pineapple will add a little finesse which will cause you to feel as if it came from a tropical island which creates the best pineapples for people to indulge in. This blend will provide you a small throat hit which will be breathtaking. Well, it is going to be small, but the tastes will explode and scatter all over your palate. You allow the blend out slowly because you do not want to let it go, when you think now is the time to exhale. The liquid drops it has last couple notes in your tongue as a farewell present. Following this excursion it only took you , you will be stating see you in a little!

Flavors: Raspberry, Pineapple Mango

PG/VG: 35/65

Raspberry Strawberry Pineaple Berry Fruit Mango Tropical Tropical Fruit
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