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This is going to be the blend that you have been searching for. Each day you hear about fresh flavors and they get fruitier and more fruity. What about something classic that mostly everybody is acquainted with? Well, now you have Green Cedar, the salt emails liquid that is going to provide you with the notes that you have been hunting for. Taking a hit of this vape juice is going to taste like your mouth is undergoing. How is that possible? Who knows, but you are not one to whine, especially when all tastes great. That freezing sensation is currently coming out of the menthol taste that is going to be more savory and rich. Since you continue savoring the blend, you start to taste the bold tobacco taste that is going to feel like roasted tobacco leaves are fast flowing into your own mouth. The second is just increased from by the combination of both and you've got something else coming if you think that this is all you are going to feel. We've been referring this liquid because it contains salt. This will become apparent once you feel that the throat hit that both of these tastes will provide you with. The menthol is going to cause you to feel colder and the tobacco is going to cause you to feel relaxed. You will possibly get the feeling of the first time you attempted this taste and fell in love with this. When you think you are done savoring this blend, you let out everything and exhale. You will receive a couple clouds, but they're most likely going like a number of the greatest clouds you took a whiff off. Pulls are you planning on taking?

**This product is made with salt and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**

Tobacco Menthol
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