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Hades BF 24MM RDA


Want to squonk, but feel as if you want a brand new RDA for you to get a fantastic hit? This one is going to function, although you've been working together not saying that there is anything wrong with the RDA. The Hades BF RDA is your tank that men and women are reaching for since it's the one that has everything you want if you want to go on a couple of vape excursions. The Juice Well is 5mm, which means that you won't need to fret about making a wreck when soaking your cotton up in a number of your amazing vape juice. There will be a pretty large build deck that lets you get creative with your coils. Having a total of four posts, there can be a lot of creativity happening. The double directional airflow control will allow you to let some air when you take your pull based on how many of your cloudy friends are you prepared to fulfill with . Sure, there are several RDAs on the current market, but none that are currently going to compare to what this one has to offer.

Rda Rebuildable Rebuildable Atomiser Rebuildable Atomizers Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer Rebuildables Tank
Color Price
Black FROM $14.99
Blue FROM $14.99
Gold FROM $14.99
Rainbow FROM $14.99
Stainless Steel FROM $14.99

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