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Hypnos Ceramic Refillable Pods (2 Pack)


Just because your pod is not pulling like it's used to, does not signify that you have to blame the mod for it. It's a pod mod that lets you appreciate your e fluids to get what they have to bring to the table. When you vape with it for such a long time, you have to keep in mind that swapping out the old pod to get a brand new one from time to time is best. The Hypnos Ceramic Refillable Pods are going to be you want a little replacement. The pod will be able of 2ml so that you can enjoy your vape juices for a long time. The pods are going to have a plug seal to prevent making any messes. You generally want to relax so that you can continue on about your day when you would like to go to get a hit. However, that might currently be possible should you not own a new pod on deck. Get this set of pods and you will almost certainly have an awesome vaping experience each time.

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