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Ice Maui Waui

Smoozie E Liquid

It is somehow hit by a blizzard, although it always sucks when you intend to go to a tropical island for a few comfort. When you have a pull of the liquid that is e, you may be grateful that global warming is not a myth. All right, this may be getting a bit confusing. Ice Maui Waui is the title of this tropical liquid that will be delicious because of the fruits which were utilized to make it. You're likely to feel as if you are enjoying a tasty cocktail that's most likely, when you take the very first pull. The person who made it is a mixologist. But you may have a four-year-old's palate rather than recognize that this is a cocktail. Kidding! Is created from some of the freshest ingredients the e liquid's creators could discover. The pineapple in this liquid will give you the sweet and sweet smelling notes that it is packed with. Provide you the mango flavor that really puts you into the island experience you have been looking for and the mango flavor is eventually going to make its way into. Even though may be overpowering you on your mouth, you are likely to enjoy the strawberries which are getting more and more potent. The strawberries are going to give you a burst of sweetness that will make your taste buds tingle. Before you can even savor these fruits all together, you will get the flavor that is menthol easily making its way into so that you can carefully taste each note that it has to offer you. The freezing sensation will travel down your spine as the flavors burst on your neck as the fruits supply you with a magnificent effect.

Principal Flavor: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Menthol

Strawberry Pineapple Fruit Mango Tropical Tropical Fruit Menthol
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