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iShare Complete Kit


Although it may not be the first thought when it comes to mind, vaping is a social activity. From the inherent socialization that comes with vaping during a conversation, games, or movies with friends to the social aspects of the vaping community like comparing flavors or mods. And that is a great thing. Vaping with friends is always better than vaping alone. So why not integrate your tech into that? Well, Suorin has you covered with their Ishare Complete Kit. This kit will make vaping with your friend easy, convenient, and more fun than it ever was before.

First, let's talk about the individual systems that make up the Ishare Complete. The Ishare Single Unit, for starters, has a tank capacity of .9 milliliters. Admittedly that is pretty small, but this vaporizer isn’t designed for extended personal use sessions. Its made for trying out a couple of different flavors in one sitting with your friends or just hanging out. The cartridges that make up its tank are meant to be switched out quick and easy if you do happen to run out then and there. The Single Unit is meant to be streamlined and simple in its design, as can also be seen by its draw to fire delivery system.

Now we keep talking about socialization and using these Single Unit’s with your friends and that's because the Ishare Complete Kit isn’t a single person system. It's a charging dock that comes with two Single Unit systems so you can load them up, charge them both, insert the juice cartridge and invite your buddy over. They are there for a good vape session or to grab for a quick hit during a gaming marathon. Done? No problem, throw it right back in the dock until you are ready again. No fuss, no problem, there for you are your vape circles convenience.

Each individual single unit comes with a built-in 130mAh rechargeable battery. These individual ones already have decent battery life, to begin with. The best part though is the dock has its own battery for you to charge the Singles from. Stick them back in the dock and in about 30 minutes you’ll have a fully charge Single again. The dock holds a massive 1400 mAh battery that is good for multiple charges of both singles. The dock also comes with micro USB ready so at the end of the night when you have to charge it up it will be ready to face the next series of sessions you have planned in no time flat.

The Ishare Complete Kit is one of the pinnacle products of the Suorin line, taking full advantage of their mastery of pod tech and battery life. Now you can be the hero of your social circle, right up there with the guy who has the new big screen or sound system and all for what you’ll agree is a very affordable price. Don’t shy away from this awesome ice-breaking opportunity that Knowvape has right here for you, embrace it.

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