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The vanilla is going to be additional creamy, but this is because it is getting a bit of help from a custard that is going to be rich.

Vat stands for vanilla, vanilla and ginger, a mixture that perfectly compliments the tobacco flavor.

The Refuge Dripper Series E Liquid made this vape juice those of us who want a vape taste with a calming vibe.

<p></p>A far cry from its title, this vanilla and almond combination gives you.

Honey from Cyber Liquids is a composite of honey, toasted almonds a touch of peanut butter and note with a creamy finish.

The taste of condensed milk topped off with a sweetener that is caramel and almonds.

Cappuccino takes the best quality ingredients together with hints of cinnamon, caramel and almond to compliment the already powerful, smooth taste of it.

Vaping can be a lot of fun. Something that tastes good and is easy to do while doing other things wi...

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