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This electronic liquid does have a PG/VG level of 35/65, which means you will experience a neck hit which isn't likely to be intense, but it is going to be there so as to enhance you vape trip as well as the tastes.

You are going to taste the rich apple flavor giving you all of the juicy notes that are amazing and making its way in your mouth which you love.

Apple Pie is the name of this e liquid that is going to remind you about this pastry that you just love to munch on all of the time.

It is going to feel as if grandma is now feeding it so that you may judge her right and took a piece of this pie, when you choose a pull of the e liquid.

Dinner Lady E Liquid has produced this loved dessert in one of the most authentic ways possible, it requires better than just what Grandma used to bake and to top it off, it's completely calory free.

A fresh new spin on the fantastic, first Mr.

Meringue E Liquid is a prominent notice of Lemon Pie, as you'd expect, is lemons -- in this instance a tart but smooth lemon curd filling.

Solifaction is a heavenly combination of warm, homemade cinnamon, apple pie that's fresh from the oven with light, fluffy waffles, the perfect amount of sticky sweet syrup to set off this masterpiece and when you thought this juice couldn't get any better, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is put on top.

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