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A sweet yet sour concoction with a kick!

Enjoy a blend of cream and fruits in one bottle!

80v brings us another one of their signature fun flavors. Souly Cannoli follows the 80v standby of c...

It's the combination of all-natural caramel bourbon and fresh vanilla bean.

The fantastic Louie flavor with the mild tobacco flavor of it, keeping the earthy depth of it with notes of both refreshing and vanilla raspberry is place to add more layers to the complex juice.

Dojo E Liquid took that , lucky that was amazing cereal with sweet milk and its magical little marshmallows adds into a dash of vanilla bourbon for good action.

General Custerd by LITquid Juice brings together a pleasant, creamy custard, exotic kiwi and the sign of a bourbon for a mix that comes in an unexpectedly complementary way that will create your senses go crazy!

Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco continues to be pre steeped for over two weeks to ensure those amazing flavors can come through with complete force.

Oak Barrel tobacco and bourbon mixed together with enough to punch to seduce the tastebuds of the greatest critic.

If its sophistication and class that you're looking for, you will most surely find it right here with this juice that is able to provide you much complicated, multidimensional flavor that's somehow able to also give you a silky smooth feel that takes this already flawless blend to new heights.

A combination within the confines of an obsolete bourbon flavor of vanilla.

When someone is referred to as being a Don, it usually means they are considered to be the supervisor and this juice is very aptly named since it's the type of blend that can easily become the best dog of your complete vape juice collection.

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