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Having a base of moist, funfetti cake full of colorful sprinkles there are ripe berries and a touch of lemon added to get a fun, refreshing twist.

Take a sponge cake filled to the bring with vanilla frosting and fry it.

A one-of-a-kind mix that will surely wake up your senses!

Caked Up is a birthday confetti cake topped with sweet, vanilla ice cream combined in a creamy milkshake.

Savor your favorite flavor's goodness from this chocolate and cream cookie wrapped in red velvet cake!

Earthy and sweet, for layering flavors into a quality mix Island Muffin celebrates the enthusiasm of DREAM, motivated by the generation of vapers.

The strawberries combined with a cake goodness will surely win your heart!

Harmony E Juice is a birthday cake soda dessert blended with an ice cream.

A new different kind of experience in a trip that is amazing!

The chocolate delight made more specific with the addition of marshmallow and coconut cream!

As fluffy and light as clouds, this ripe and shortcake strawberries are whipped together to make this delicious vape juice.

Any time is a great time to get a dessert like this!

This great combination is a certain winner to the heart of anyone!

by Breazy

You will be absolutely surprised by the juicy and sweet appeal of blueberry enhanced with vanilla and coffee flavors like no other!

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