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An overly full coffee flavor caramel added to it for the indulgent cafe deal with and has rich, decadent chocolate.

The buttery soda corn pairs perfectly with the chocolate flavor for a remarkably complimentary pairing that can seduce you.

Smax E Liquid wants you to have the ability to enjoy them without needing a campfire or the mess that goes with making them.

The glowing, slightly tart tangerine flavor and vanilla ice cream and whipped cream flavors pairs perfectly together.

Eight Bells by Teleos Core E Liquid contains flavors of marshmallow, creamgraham cracker and chocolate to make this vape juice.

Charly the kid by Vapology Story E Liquid has a deep tobacco foundation with a touch of maple and coco syrup.

Rich E Liquid delivers a decadent, higher class vape experience that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Light has traces of both chocolate and vanilla to assist mellow and give it a comfortable, smooth texture.

A blend of what we call the three forces.

Toasted Manhattan celebrates DREAM's passion for layering handpicked flavors into a quality blend, inspired by another generation of vapers.

WCO from Detroit Rock Candy is a yummy blend of an chocolate cream cookie dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate chip cookies mixed and ventured into a milkshake to Swirl!

A one-of-a-kind mix that will surely wake up your senses!

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