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Presidio is the name of an liquid that is going to allow you to savor tastes that are unique which you never anticipated to be collectively.

When you think it is time for you to exhale, you slowly let the e exit, but you might want to be certain you are seated when you get a whiff of these clouds.

When you take a pull of this liquid, you will feel as if you're currently carrying a pull of an wonderful cigar made from the freshest ingredients.

You grew excited when you discovered USA taxpayers are now able to travel to Cuba, after you got your hands on this liquid however you might have had a tiny taste of it.

Menthol Tobacco takes the popular tobacco blend and turns it into a vape juice alternative.

A deep tobacco is coupled with a dulce de leche flavor which gives it creaminess that's remarkably smooth, a decadent.

Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco continues to be pre steeped for over two weeks to ensure those amazing flavors can come through with complete force.

Stir tobacco taste that is earthy and exhale a creamy, vanilla custard which gives this vape juice the equilibrium, making sure the most pleasant sensation possible.

Cubano By VGOD Tricklyfe E Liquid is an all new flavour only introduced to the mythical VGOD lineup of E-Juice flavours!

Vcc or vanilla custard cigar takes complete, rich cigar taste and layers a vanilla custard cream for a well needed sweetness on top of it.

In which the shelf cigar odor is originating from A cigar tobacco flavor that would make just about any double take and wonder.

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