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The roster is going to be full of a slew of cinnamon that is simply going to provide you the sweet notes all that this mix has to offer.

The taste Penalty includes a warm, comforting cinnamon bun base that has been mixed in with some golden sugar cookies that are going to give the best of the two worlds to you without making any compromises, so you can have everything.

This mix mixes the sticky flavor of a cinnamon roll with an glaze, making for a thick, lovely blend's flavor.

Cinema Pop Deez recreates the crispy snack we all run to fluffy although every now and then, with a heavy helping of cinnamon roll to get a sour twist.

Two desserts come together to make!

Sticky Icky by Bomb Bombs E Liquid tastes a bit like a bowl of the sour crunchy cereal and a bit like a fresh baked cinnamon roll.

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