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When you exhale, you teasing your tastes buds, are going to taste the last yummy notes that this blend has to provide and convincing you that a second draw will be perfect.

An overly full coffee flavor caramel added to it for the indulgent cafe deal with and has rich, decadent chocolate.

by Breazy

You will be absolutely surprised by the juicy and sweet appeal of blueberry enhanced with vanilla and coffee flavors like no other!

The quality of components that goes into each bottle is what sets Winchester besides all other coffee motivated E-juices.

</p>Celebrate a fantastic mixture of butterscotch, banana, and cherry in one delectable fusion of tastes!

Toasted Manhattan celebrates DREAM's passion for layering handpicked flavors into a quality blend, inspired by another generation of vapers.

The taste of Arabica coffee with a drop of milk and a touch of cream.

An absolutely fabulous mixture of smooth, rich cappuccino flavors and deep, earthy tobacco that come together to produce a stimulating combination that works oh so well.

Incredibly deep, strong coffee bean flavor sourced from the hills of Columbia, brewed to perfection and then introduced to smooth cream.

So timeless and amazingly sophisticated this sounds like the sort of masterpiece you can only find in a French bakery that is nice.

Smax E Liquid combines them all into a yummy e liquid that brings all these amazing tastes into a great balance to give you a phenomenal vape encounter.

Known to be the most real coffee flavor on the current market, this juice is deep, rich and creamy to start with and with the addition of the barrel aging technique.

The vape Bean E Liquid created this vape juice for those coffee drinkers that hate to wait in line and wish to have an authentic coffee flavor they can take on the move every day.

A beautiful blend of java, crumb cake enhanced with berries and a whip cream to cap your cravings even more.

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