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As a result of this special vape juice blend you are likely to be able to acquire all of that bold, flavorful and nostalgic flavor when you want without having to worry about carbohydrates, cavities or all of that gas which has you hiding from moving out with your friends or on a major date.

This vape juice blend requires that well appreciated taste that most of us love to indulge in together with a bit of pizza and turns it into a juice that allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Can I hear you say,"The BEST of all worlds!

Cola Shades by Summer Holidays E Liquid is a blend of full cola pop with a dash of lime that has been turned into a concoction that will have you chilled , invigorated and ready to hit the beach!

A syrupy cherry cola soda is poured on top of two hills of premium vanilla ice cream.

The Juice Man cometh and he comes with a great offering.

A true color for the ages, just like all things the flavor, Phillip Rocke you will enjoy from a jar of The Soda is just one of some kind.

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