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Indulge yourself with a more sweet and rich experience that delivers a creamy explosion on exhale and the inhale.

Cherish this biscuits and cream milkshake blended to savor the goodness of your favorite tastes from Detroit Rock Candy!

You may love this version that is reformulated, if you enjoyed I Love Cookies.

Too Puft 2 presents you with one of the most famous Italian desserts on earth.

In case you haven't seen a dessert which you love to vape yet, you eventually have an offering which will appeal to everyone including those fortunate enough to be within distance of your own cloud.

Full of taste and caramel and strawberry notes transforms a craving to get a cookie into a love affair with this vape juice.

Suicide Bunny gets your ready for your holidays with this limited time release.

As with all Rocke branded merchandise this is made with the best in fruit extracts paired using a finely tuned ice cream flavored foundation and topped with shortcake biscuits.

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