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Speaking of taking the first strike, when you do you may feel like you tore a piece of a cotton candy and let the entire thing melt in your mouth.

Do not get on that coffee home line, now you can indulge at the sweetness of Unicorn Frappe directly out of your vape.

When you thought this mix could not get any more amazing, there's a dab of menthol thrown to the mixture to get a experience that elevates this flavorful and well rounded blend to a different level.

Remember the excitement you used to have if the county fair was in the city?

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Rock Kandi E Liquid is an all-time favorite with all the mesmerizing flavor of tart blue raspberry cotton candy, this liquid is as complex as you would expect with the perfect inhale of the fruit while it transforms into the exceptional flavor of cotton candy.

Super sour blue raspberry comes together with a cotton candy to get a confectionery delight different from anything you have ever had before.

Succulent E Liquid took this fruit taste and added a twist with a mild pear shaped and sticky, sweet cotton candy.

This is a cotton candies vape juice with a handful of strawberries thrown into the mix.

</p>In this web of cotton candy blended with the sweet notes of a vanilla milkshake.

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