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80v brings us another one of their signature fun flavors. Souly Cannoli follows the 80v standby of c...

Now envision that custard jazzed up with chunks of caramel.

Custard that shows up into the party with honeydew.

Put on your best outfit and have a puff of Strawberry King and feel like royalty.

You are provided by A mouth watering combination of lemon and custard with a experience that will electrify your senses to their core.

Grab that allure and be charmed with the smooth and rich flavor of Killer Kustard!

A savory treat you will certainly enjoy!

A evolving flavor that is powerful that is creamy experience you will fall in love with each time you vape it.

This blend of silky, sweet banana cream custard at a buttery crust makes for an light taste that is absolutely delicious.

This mix of flavors is so well balanced that every facet of the mix makes it own time in the spotlight!

Portola is guaranteed to appeal to both custard and tobacco fans.

Dynamic Vapes has generated the truest strawberry taste on the market.

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