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This rainbow blend of delicious, sweet, fruit flavored vape juice inspired by a candy which assists us to"taste the rainbow" is a true explosion of bright, fun, fruity flavors in your mouth so lively you'll be shocked.

A moist muffin foundation with creamy vanilla thick milkshake and ripe blueberries.

A mixture of raspberries, blueberries and ripe strawberries that are so juicy and sour topped with sweet, smooth cream that adds a layer of decadents for this fresh fruity treat.

Soft Parisian meringue cookies with a subtle, sweet lemon flavored cream filling.

Two gentle, moist biscuits with a raspberry cream filling sandwiched between these, this french macaron flavored vape juice would be the epitome of refined, elegant desserts.

Peaches mixed with ripe, sweet and fresh, crisp apple berries for a seamlessly mixed fruit medley that could brighten any day with its vibrancy that was blinding.

Get your fill of delicious tastes with a pleasant touch of richness and goodness.

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