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Pop them in the oven for a few minutes, smother them two more times and let stand for a few minutes.

Blueberry takes citrus berries and juicy blueberries have been piled on top of a golden nevertheless warm donut and covered with sweet cream and crumbled vanilla biscuits up.

What happens when you mix a glass of milk and a Bavarian cream donut and a Boston cream donut?

BCB Donut pairs a glazed donut using a cereal topping to supply you along with a fruity exhale and inhale.

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Fuggin Donuts is a fresh and sexy dessert taste topped with colored sprinkles and strawberry frosting.

Just like those from your favorite coffee shop, these donuts are fried until they're golden brown and dipped in a glaze that adds a well needed sweetness to this savory dessert.

Donut Dude Strawberry is a tender cake donut, coated in a sweet strawberry glaze and then dipped into creamy vanilla ice cream.

A ring of donut batter, covered in a sweet infused sugar and fried until golden brown glaze to provide in a small crunchiness.

The Refuge Signature Blend E Liquid created this miracle in a bottle that tastes just like home cooking out of their excellent craftsmanship and recipes.

The Big Easy encapsulates the spirit of New Orleans using a beignet, which will be a pastry similar in design.

Dronuts from Cyber Liquids is a combination of doughnut with a sweet maple glazed, topped with buttercream.

Golden donuts, still slightly warm and directly out of the fryer topped with some chopped strawberries and are dipped into a decadent chocolate glaze.

Bumblereka E Liquid made an donut flavor that is just amazing you can practically taste that crisp, fried flavor we all really are a lover of.

In a sugar glaze of goodness coming directly off the fryer and while still warm covered like a donut.

The donut favorite is now here in a vape juice type.

The perfect made cake deal using a flavorful zest to get a touch of additional sweetness and blueberry flavor.

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