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True crisp and cooling taste that waters the mouth and provides a pinch of flavor that only sticks to you and keeps you reaching for your pod mod. These tastes intended ONLY for devices that are mouth-to-lung and are HIGH IN NICOTINE.

The bond you are feeling with this vape juice will last a life time, so you might as well stock up!

This exotic dessert mix will throw you away to some far away land where the sun is shining and the vibe is relaxed.

Bite into this delicious, invigorating vape juice and it will bite back with a dash of mint taste that will awaken all of your senses.

Two gentle, moist biscuits with a raspberry cream filling sandwiched between these, this french macaron flavored vape juice would be the epitome of refined, elegant desserts.

Soft Parisian meringue cookies with a subtle, sweet lemon flavored cream filling.

This fruity and fresh mix of strawberry hard candy, pineapple and apple will bring you back to life!

Any time is a great time to get a dessert like this!

This sweet and sour green apple hard candy with an extra bit of"razzamatazz" will have you behaving in an extra good mood!

Indulge yourself with this traditional peanut butter and jelly combined together.

Every puff is like biting into a orange.

Rat Rod offers a delightful blend of fresh raspberries and dragon fruit to you to complete a treat.

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