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Bond will allow your imagination takes its course.

Kiwi Dragonfruit by Bare Naked E Liquid takes sour, crispy kiwi and sweet, citrus dragonfruit, combines them together and makes a refreshing, zesty vape juice which works to open up and rejuvenate the senses so that you may feel light, fresh and full of energy.

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This exotic dessert mix will throw you away to some far away land where the sun is shining and the vibe is relaxed.

Quarks combine to make particles that are complete and also the tastes in this vape juice blend to generate a whole masterpiece.

Freshly squeezed lemon is mixed with exotic, rare dragonfruit plus a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

True crisp and cooling taste that waters the mouth and provides a pinch of flavor that only sticks to you and keeps you reaching for your pod mod. These tastes intended ONLY for devices that are mouth-to-lung and are HIGH IN NICOTINE.

A sweet cherry flavor with hints of dragon fruit!

Publish the dragon within your self with this Dragonfruit and energy juice.

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