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Vanilla G by Big Fat Juice is a mixture of 2 tastes, graham cracker is buttery, golden brown and pairs wonderfully with a sleek smooth lotion.

Croises is French for crusader and this vape juice is in fact a crusader since it is going to capture your heart.

Smax E Liquid wants you to have the ability to enjoy them without needing a campfire or the mess that goes with making them.

One of The Refuge Signature Blend E Liquid's award winning vape juice mixes, Lush drizzles a generous amount of tacky, rich caramel over top and takes a creamy banana smashes it and flavored foundation.

Taste this luscious mix of ripe bananas cut into slices, and laid on top of a graham cracker base drizzled with rich caramel.

Make your own camping experience with this perfect copy of a campfire.

Outdoors & Smores E Juice by Campfire E-Juice is the taste for the winter season, presenting a perfectly manicured marshmallow, milk chocolate that is smooth and flavorful, plus a flame roasted hazelnut spread oats.

This juice is the perfect definition of a dessert that is homemade; you will surely taste the crumbly although juicy filling which comes with eating this following meal favorite.

Honey Crunch by Tailored House E Liquid requires a premium vanilla ice cream that's smooth, soft and bursting with taste and drizzles a sticky, sweet, natural tasting honey on top then places it in between two savory, buttery graham crackers to get an unbelievable treat you won't forget any time soon!

Go on, inhale, exhale, allow your tongue encounter the lingering sweetness that will be the Sugary Graham Cracker juice.

You are getting that classic, creamy decadent cheesecake foundation that now has a hint of taste bud tingling bourbon that is given a little freshness from the addition of these natural tasting strawberries and then all the toppings you expect to have in your typical piece of cake on top.

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