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Smax E Liquid wants you to have the ability to enjoy them without needing a campfire or the mess that goes with making them.

Like if you were by the campfire, this S'mores flavored e liquid reaches.

Croises is French for crusader and this vape juice is in fact a crusader since it is going to capture your heart.

One of The Refuge Signature Blend E Liquid's award winning vape juice mixes, Lush drizzles a generous amount of tacky, rich caramel over top and takes a creamy banana smashes it and flavored foundation.

This dish consists of tasty graham cracker pie crust decorated with a coating of sugar and full of a salted caramel filling.

Taste this luscious mix of ripe bananas cut into slices, and laid on top of a graham cracker base drizzled with rich caramel.

Make your own camping experience with this perfect copy of a campfire.

Outdoors & Smores E Juice by Campfire E-Juice is the taste for the winter season, presenting a perfectly manicured marshmallow, milk chocolate that is smooth and flavorful, plus a flame roasted hazelnut spread oats.

Vanilla G by Big Fat Juice is a mixture of 2 tastes, graham cracker is buttery, golden brown and pairs wonderfully with a sleek smooth lotion.

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