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Smooth honey notes that bathe your tonguefollowed by a rich oat flavor that keeps on giving!

Ludicrous Speed is the most recent entry in the masters of this Yogurt vape.

Honey Badger introduces us to honeyed tobacco leaves that render a tobacco taste that is a sweet lingering rich.

"  Thai Boba e liquid uses a Blend of Thai tea leave extracts added into a tapioca pearls,  honey, sugar, and milk base to make a sweet and vape experience.

Rich in both the cloud and flavor, Honeysuckle Apple Crisp is the equal of biting into a fresh green apple hauled off the tree.

Raven's Moon Vapor now offers this 50ml Karamel Kustard flavor, a heavy handed pair of warm caramel sauce that this Madagascar vanilla custard compliments the sugar inhale producing back flipping taste buds.

Honey from Cyber Liquids is a composite of honey, toasted almonds a touch of peanut butter and note with a creamy finish.

Rich and smooth tobacco sweetened with a honey coating to create the perfect vape for lovers of tobacco that was fine.

This Blonde Canadian cigarette leaf is our foliage with taste as the Carolinas.

Subtle honey granola bar flavor and peanut butter.

To round out this electronic perfection is a zest twist that only ignites everything onto the exhale for a second puff that is glorious.

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