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But it will not be too overpowering as the sweetness of the pear will be balanced out from the delicious refreshing hints of the honeydew.

Honeydew Apple Berry Trio joins the warmness of summer along with the magic of the garden to get a vape juice that's selfishly satisfying.

Look at just how far that you have come and allow blends like those to be your go to juice you need a bit of encouragement along with deliciousness that will have you moving farther.

The light that was superbly , invigorating fruit is made even more refreshing by the addition of a bone chilling menthol that takes the fruit to some other degree of coldness.

Sweet honey dew melon is brought to create a vape juice mix refreshing you will swear that it was chilly in the middle of July.

Melon Milk is the smooth, creamy and light mixture that provide just the ideal amount of sweetness and flavor that is excellent for everyday vaping usage.

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