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There's a silky smooth feel which is included with this juice and certainly will make it so that you feel and inhale it dancing hitting all of your senses and drawing on your mind into its grand illusion further and farther.

It's fruity flavors and a combined sweet of tangy pineapple, raspberry, pink, orange and blue.

<p>Heal yourself with the taste of perfection in Southern Brew!

A blend of what we call the three forces.

A new different kind of experience in a trip that is amazing!

Enjoy a different sort of cream mix to the fullest!

Harmony E Juice is a birthday cake soda dessert blended with an ice cream.

From 2 Scoops comes another fantastic ice cream based flavor in their Fried Ice Cream. Some flavors...

A victory of an adventure full of flavors that were blended and memories.

So much flavor you're going to want to dance to show your appreciation.

A rich and slick vape that isn't healthy but current enough to provide a healthy flavor experience that reminds you of old memories.

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