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A cake experience unlike anything you've ever vaped.

Jelly donut is your donut flavor, golden brown, filled with a raspberry jelly and covered in enjoyable sprinkles and icing!

Most of us know that the creamy, icing filled heart is the best part and this amazing vape juice blend represents that double stuffed goodness at the very authentic tasting way possible.

There's just 1 thing you can say to such a deliciousness- oooh la la la la la, and that is not enough.

This totally unique vape juice is a blend of fun, sweet flavors which you will wonder you've never tried it before.

Slightly freshly roasted ginger bread topped with a sweet, creamy icing and dunked into a glass of milk, yum!

The blueberry interior of this delightful pastry is perfectly sterile.

The Refuge Dripper Series E Liquid has made a dessert mix that radiates fall gives you those feeling that only foods like this can provide you and vibes.

The Lemon Shortcake is a delightful and soothing mix of juice which will leave you breathless!

</p>Wildside's Arch Angel is like having your cake and vape it!

A raspberry fruited wedding cake comprising cream, yellow cake, vanilla, vanilla, and a wedding couple.

The queen appeared at court and advised her staff"let them have cake" and so it had been.

Suicide Bunny e liquid is back at it again, now using a deliciously layered cake featuring a vanilla notice using a perfected icing topping to make the dessert loving vaper gush with joy for this new entrance.

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