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Among the coolest things about this blend is how it's able to blend a fresh, fruity flavor with a decadent dessert to make for a juice that will give you the best of the two worlds and make it so that you do not ever have to go without the gratification which you crave.

The mixture of sweet and salty, rich and fresh is all about balance and this vape juice encapsulates that .

This vape has built a following thanks to a blend of peanut butter and jelly flavors with notes of shop bought sandwich bread.

An adventure unlike any other vapable donut flavor out there.

<p>I Love Donuts Too reimagines the iconic I Love Donuts Flavor from Mad Hatter!

Indulge yourself with this traditional peanut butter and jelly combined together.

A unique vape juice which embodies the flavor of this sweet treat.

This has such a unique taste about it which will allow you to bring just a tiny bit more adventure into your routine which will expand your taste buds and have you awaiting vaping it to your intriguing and rarely found flavor it is in a position to provide you with.

Jelly donut is your donut flavor, golden brown, filled with a raspberry jelly and covered in enjoyable sprinkles and icing!

It brings together all of those facets that you can not seem to get enough of into a handy, well put together a blend that can certainly come on every one of your experiences together with you and give you that satisfaction that you deserve the long run.

If this weren't enough to possess you stocking up on countless bottles of the vape juice and drive pass the shop with the sexy donuts sign, you will also simultaneously taste the rich and ripe existence of candy strawberry jelly on every portion of your tongue.

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