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The throat hit is not going to be an intense one, but it will cause you to feel as if you are having one of the best breakfast meals you may have ever needed.

Blueberry Flapjacks by The Pancake House E Liquid is a large pile of buttermilk pancakes with succulent blueberries scattered through and topped off with lots of maple syrup which makes this treat irresistible and a creamy butter.

Catch this Remix by Electric Lotus, a Belgian waffle topped with a touch of bavarian cream, maple syrup, whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon.

Charly the kid by Vapology Story E Liquid has a deep tobacco foundation with a touch of maple and coco syrup.

Banana Nuts by The Pancake House E Liquid has that completely realistic, sweet pancake flavor and adds in the combination of tropical banana and chopped nuts that play from each other to perfection.

With one push of the thumb, the savory flavor of fluffy pancakes begins to roll in to your mouth and encompass your palate, leaving space for just the most complimentary of taste notes.

Fall is in the air and this comforting breakfast blend is going to put you.

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