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If you are the kind of person who looks forward to your vape breaks as a way to give you a little bit of relief away from the worries of day to day life, then you'll find that when you hit the fire button on your own mod and then inhale your mind is totally taken over by the loudly flavors that are included inside this yummy juice and everything else just drifts away.

Taste experiences that ride over a TFN based nicotine for purity on the inhale and exhale.

Tsunami Melon by Frugi Vapor joins a medley of sweet, juicy melon flavors to make a super refreshing vape juice blend that will have you feeling awake, invigorated and energized beyond your wildest dreams.

Straw Melon Sour Belts by The Finest Sweet & Sour E Liquid E Liquid combines a bold, sweet strawberry taste with melon to get a vape juice blend that will get your lips puckering in pleasure!

A mix of ripe cut honeydew melon mixed up with a couple of fresh strawberries creating a flavor that you can't get enough !

The light that was superbly , invigorating fruit is made even more refreshing by the addition of a bone chilling menthol that takes the fruit to some other degree of coldness.

This really is a juice that will please most, if not all of palates with it delicious flavor and taste that is mild yet sweet.

Kiwi Melon takes the exotic, somewhat tart kiwi fruit and blends it with a succulent melon to get a invigorating combination that is perfect for helping you feel a little more attentive and positive.

So much taste the dark might lighten with a rainbow of joy.

Area 51 takes cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, mashes them together in a blender and creates a refreshing, sweet all-natural fruit vape juice.

Ambient by AudioFog Max VG E Liquid will brighten your mood on the cloudiest of days with its vibrant flavors.

Koi is a fruit mix that envision yourself and helps to escape the coldest of weeks.

Tropical Melon delivers almond milk infused with freshly cut pineapple and melon pieces.

Custard that shows up into the party with honeydew.

This vape juice is perfectly named because when thinking about the amazing taste one of the very first words that comes to mind is luscious!

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