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Activate your senses, wear a winter jacket and have a vape of this impacting juice.

Upon inhale you will encounter a blast of bold fruit flavor that will have you amazed by just how delicious and realistic it is.

The light that was superbly , invigorating fruit is made even more refreshing by the addition of a bone chilling menthol that takes the fruit to some other degree of coldness.

An already invigorating blend of mangosteen and supple lychee fruits will open up and energize, ready to tackle and leaving you feeling alert.

Sweet honey dew melon is brought to create a vape juice mix refreshing you will swear that it was chilly in the middle of July.

Just like being struck with a cold and getting out of the water, sea breeze.

Watermelon and cooling menthol to generate the most refreshing combination you could ever dream of.

Red and green apples give a tart, sweet, crispy crunch that's so juicy and refreshing, this already amazing feeling is amplified by the cooling mint feeling.

Taste experiences that ride over a TFN based nicotine for purity on the inhale and exhale.

Sorbae E Liquid took this mix and added an excess bit of authenticity with a slight note of cold menthol so you receive the full dessert feeling.

Vintage, sour lemonade candy taste has strawberries that are ripe and pineapple that is tropical added to get a punch fruit blend that will have your taste buds jumping up and down for joy.

Alternativ E Liquid takes exotic, succulent cherry and combines it together with succulent, sweet peach and a menthol kick to get a bright, summery vape juice that will immediately provide you those playful vibes that will have you believing of sand and sunshine between your feet even if it's snowing out!

Delta provides daring, fun fruit tastes to the intense with a jolt of chilling menthol and a sweet, candy twist.

Alternativ E Liquid takes crisp, slightly tart granny smith apples and succulent, juicy peaches and smashes them together for a vape juice that will have you reaching for it time and time again!

Alternativ E Liquid takes crisp apples, juicy and supple , sweet grapes adds into a burst of chilling menthol to get a vape juice mix that's a trusted companion you can trust to fulfill your cravings and leave your breath fresh through out daily!

Cold pressed berry juice mixed with a hint of menthol for a freezing sensation unlike any other.

You will feel cooled down and invigorated with a fruity flavor and a sensation that makes for a vape you will not be able to get.

Forget about the hookah, you can vape this juice anyplace with your.

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