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24 is a salted caramel malt flavored vape which can make your heart skip a beat.

Moo Moo's Milk is a fantastic combination of premium ice cream berries and a dash of milk that is blended until it is smooth, delightful perfection.

An combination of buttery, moist birthday cake and cream and chocolate sandwich cookies blended into a thick milkshake.

The milkshake and cake flavors give this vape a taste reminiscent to the timeless poke cake that's famous for being dense, moist and flavorful.

A moist muffin foundation with creamy vanilla thick milkshake and ripe blueberries.

Chocolate chip cookies mixed and ventured into a milkshake to Swirl!

</p>In this web of cotton candy blended with the sweet notes of a vanilla milkshake.

Caked Up is a birthday confetti cake topped with sweet, vanilla ice cream combined in a creamy milkshake.

Shiver on every drop and revel in the blend.

Smooth, silky taste full and decadent of taste that is perfectly balanced by a milkshake base.

A seasonal eliquid for the ages, Mint by NKTR Shake provides a powerful vape flavor experience that is perfect to combat hot summer days but year round that is practical.

A creamy tropical experience you will absolutely like to vape non-stop.

What happens if you blend it in to milk and take your favorite breakfast pastry and top it off with fruit?

Supple cherry is mixed in with a rich, creamy ice cream and then supplied a dash of coconut for an exotic ideal for relaxing and day dreaming about summer afternoons.

Liberty's strawberry milkshake flavor is reminiscent of the shakes of a 50's diner, with subtle hints of freedom!

Milkshake was filled by A berry using a sweetness and full of notes that exude post vape.

No longer must you endure the withdrawal of moving without your favourite treat in the entire world.

Oh'Cookie Face by G2 Vapor requires the hassle of dessert out of your hands and makes it accessible to you at any given stage of the day from any place.

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