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Iced Kiwi Berries by Fresh Vapor Liquids is a blend of sweet, ripe tart kiwi fruit and a twist of menthol on the run.

Menthol Tobacco by CPV Signature Series E Liquid has that tobacco taste with a touch of sweet mint to add a bit of fresh, refreshment for your exhale.

Vapology Story E Liquid has your back with this breath busting, super hero of a vape juice, a great all day vape which is likely to make the clouds.

A combination of red berries along with a fistful of fresh berries.

A superb replica of the tobacco flavor you're utilized to the ash and long stink.

Rich E Liquid delivers a decadent, higher class vape experience that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Full of refreshing fruit goodness that is astonishingly which will make you need to place on your winter coat in the middle of July!

FRZN E Liquid really knocked it out of the park with this cooling vape juice that can hit on you from the magnificent menthol on the opposite and the succulent fruits on one side.

Even summer can not violate the impact of this liquid, a potent cooling sensation on the manner in and on the way out.

Mint and tobacco is clearly a very popular duo with the vanilla added into the mix provides the flavors all in this fresh vape juice.

</p>The cool and light mix of menthol mint, and peppermint are all sufficient to make your day special.

Bad Blood by Nasty Juice is a complex blend of natural tasting, ripe blackberry using just the right balance of flavor and a dab of mint that adds to the authenticity of the shockingly realistic juice.

This really is a superb selection for smokers who wants smoke that is thicker but with not having toxins from real tobacco.

Toasted Manhattan celebrates DREAM's passion for layering handpicked flavors into a quality blend, inspired by another generation of vapers.

A chocolate using a mint mix that can make your own crazy!

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