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There's a silky smooth feel which is included with this juice and certainly will make it so that you feel and inhale it dancing hitting all of your senses and drawing on your mind into its grand illusion further and farther.

Donut Dude Strawberry is a tender cake donut, coated in a sweet strawberry glaze and then dipped into creamy vanilla ice cream.

A ring of donut batter, covered in a sweet infused sugar and fried until golden brown glaze to provide in a small crunchiness.

The Refuge Signature Blend E Liquid created this miracle in a bottle that tastes just like home cooking out of their excellent craftsmanship and recipes.

A home vanilla cupcake with pineapple that has been caramelized in sugar.

The Refuge Dripper Series E Liquid has made a dessert mix that radiates fall gives you those feeling that only foods like this can provide you and vibes.

A vanilla custard that is flavorful and mild is introduced to some smooth butterscotch to earn a smooth vape juice which will get your tongue wagging!

Moist, fluffy and full of sweet flavor, it doesn't need to be a special event to partake in this particular treat.

A basket full of ripe strawberries coated with a light whipped cream and a strawberry sauce and is put on top of a moist yellow cake.

The blueberry interior of this delightful pastry is perfectly sterile.

The funnel cake is a staple treat, a mild, golden cake that's topped with a sprinkle of sugar and a blueberry compote.

This vape juice is a mixture of crisped, cinnamon crumbs which layered on top of a sweet cake with notes of vanilla and are coated in butter.

This dessert mix is full of cream and cool whip, giving you a vape with just the pop of fruit!

Pastry filled with slightly tart lemon curd and topped with a sweet cream.

Sticky Icky by Bomb Bombs E Liquid tastes a bit like a bowl of the sour crunchy cereal and a bit like a fresh baked cinnamon roll.

Strong fruity taste is balanced out with a buttery pastry to get a blend in every vape.

An extract of fresh tomatoes into a cream base wrapped around in a noodle nest which forms their cannoli's body.

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