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Decadence, says it all right there in the name. 8816 Liquids wanted to make a vape juice that tastes...

The 2 slices of bread are currently going to be refreshing, and the peanut butter will be super smooth as if you made it yourself and can't wait to see you did.

Artisan Clouds E Liquid takes that already amazing flavor and elevates it to a completely new level with its intriguing method of mixing it with other tastes which makes for a yummy dessert that will have you shaken into a own core with the fact that you haven't thought of appreciating in this new way.

Two peanut biscuits are sandwiched together with a generous serving of sleek, rich peanut butter in the middle for an extreme peanut flavor that may fill your senses with all all the delicious taste you crave.

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