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Juice Head E Liquid have proven themselves to be experts in the sphere of mouth-watering e juices and Peach Pear speaks to this actuality.

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Enjoy a fantastic treat of cherry and honey!

Blu Rain is a fruit taste with a sour note.

A pear flavor so great you'll search for the skin of the fruit.

Product Description: A pear flavored eliquid with undertones of sweet caramel.

</p>A sweet Asian cherry with a couple of mystery suggestions which will alter your point of view.

The ideal mix of smooth and bold, two tastes that fight each other for dominance and yet when vaped make a fantastic marriage.

A graham cookie using a pear medley along with a cream finish.

The relaxing appeal of sweet and cream is a treat for that routine!

Fresh pair together with sweet vanilla to make a mild, tasty vape perfect for anytime.

Beginning with a hard candy foundation there are notes of mild pear and also an ooey, gooey caramel exhale that is soft.

As amazing as the coastal sunset, this latest taste from Cosmic Fog pairs Creme Brulee, caramel, and a cherry shaped base to make a brilliantly bright mixture of tastes you will have a hard time.

Fruit Whip is a bevy of berries which satisfy your craving for natural sweetness, paired with a creamy base that enhances each and every single flavor in this glorious vape profile!

Mix 3D E Liquid perfected their own recipe to permit for every to have its own time in the spotlight and be experienced fully and has taken a group of fruit flavors that would fight for dominance over each other.

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