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If you do build the guts to have a pull of the e liquid, then you are going to taste the flavor making its way within your mouth, the butterscotch is going to be candy and also give you a sensation unlike any other.

A vanilla custard that is flavorful and mild is introduced to some smooth butterscotch to earn a smooth vape juice which will get your tongue wagging!

This blend of silky, sweet banana cream custard at a buttery crust makes for an light taste that is absolutely delicious.

Flaky, buttery pastry filled with silky lemon curd and topped with sweet cream.

Get your fill of delicious tastes with a pleasant touch of richness and goodness.

The greatest fruit fans dream, this particular fruit cocktail of of the most amazing freshflavours put to a golden buttery graham cracker pie crust and sweetened to perfection.

Advocate is a dream come true for all lovers of fruit!

An apple Bun is a somewhat crisp bun with an explosion of cinnamon apple taste totally baked and vanilla custard inside.

Everyone needs a slice of Humble Pie every once in a while and this yummy vape juice blend with you wanting it all day daily.

Silky ripples of mixed lemon curd folded in with vanilla yogurt is so decadent without being rich or too thick.

Diced, freshly picked apples have been put into a tender, flaky pie shell and coated with cinnamon and brown sugar then boiled till all is ooey gooey inside.

Solifaction is a heavenly combination of warm, homemade cinnamon, apple pie that's fresh from the oven with light, fluffy waffles, the perfect amount of sticky sweet syrup to set off this masterpiece and when you thought this juice couldn't get any better, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is put on top.

Prime carries a graham cracker crust and fills it with a silky smooth lime filling which is the best mix of tart and sweet, light and rich.

Bumble Bee Vapor E Liquid place out this mix full of those superb autumn flavors which make us feel comfy and comfortable and stuck together with the period of year.

</p>A light, flaky pie crust topped with a light, refreshing lotion and is full of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Strong fruity taste is balanced out with a buttery pastry to get a blend in every vape.

This exotic dessert mix will throw you away to some far away land where the sun is shining and the vibe is relaxed.

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