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A fruity, dessert blend that will remind you of a cooling treat you can get at the Magic Kingdom.

Lay out your beach towels, throw on your sunglasses and revel in the warm, beautiful weather.

If you enjoy fruit flavors jam packed with citrus, then this is the vape for you!

Exotic cherry and pineapple that is sour come together with freshly harvested peaches and pears to create this fruit cocktail which will satisfy all your refreshment needs.

A Bezoar is an early cure for ailments and this blend lives up to its name!

A fruit blend of guava blueberry and tart pineapple that can bring your side out and make you want to find the answers.

This vape juice catches the serenity of being with not a care in the world on a tropical island vacation.

Pineapple cream whip pits you smack in the center of a pineapple taste and a lotion whipped into a frenzy.

A home vanilla cupcake with pineapple that has been caramelized in sugar.

Escape to the tropics and enjoy the flavors of passion fruit, pineapples, along with juicy fruit flavors that are rich in a bottle of Good Vibes from Smax E Liquid.

Reminiscent of the dole whip cure by your kingdom, this classically complementary mix of pineapple and whipped cream is a vape juice that you will not be able to put down.

This tropical tasting pleasure is a way to refresh and unwind with summer time, holiday tastes that are worthy that will set your taste buds into a complete frenzy.

Vintage, sour lemonade candy taste has strawberries that are ripe and pineapple that is tropical added to get a punch fruit blend that will have your taste buds jumping up and down for joy.

This fruity and fresh mix of strawberry hard candy, pineapple and apple will bring you back to life!

It's fruity flavors and a combined sweet of tangy pineapple, raspberry, pink, orange and blue.

An blend of fruits that are seasoned will let you enjoy your day even more!

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