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Kettle begins with freshly popped popcorn and covers it with a decadent, creamy caramel that will give you taste buds a variety of flavors that can send them for a trip that will keep up your interest and have you considering those terrific trips to the films you've had in your childhood.

Cinema Pop Deez recreates the crispy snack we all run to fluffy although every now and then, with a heavy helping of cinnamon roll to get a sour twist.

Poppy Corn E Liquid has completely surpassed everything you thought popcorn flavor could be with this blend.

The buttery soda corn pairs perfectly with the chocolate flavor for a remarkably complimentary pairing that can seduce you.

Editor's Note: Not actually a caramel dominant vape however a sweet kettle corn one with a Lot of popcorn flavor and sweet butter.

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