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The daring and cooling sweet sensations you'll get by vaping Sweet Mint Gum by Candy Pop E Liquid is a first for us all.

<p>Flavor that Is a Bolt of savory to the senses.

A mint that is not not subtle and over powering, the perfect balance of mint flavor to help keep you resetting your senses and returning.

<p>Flavor that's a Bolt of savory to the senses.

As delicious as this vape juice by Vape Chew E Liquid may be, it is also a convenient way to freshen breath, incorporate a kick of power and cool down in the heat.

We're not insinuating you will get hurt if you breathe quickly, but you won't have the capacity to appreciate the last couple of notes that this mix has left in it should you do so.

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Count the queen in because all she can do now is grow enthusiastic and wonder whether she will have the willpower to put this e liquid down so that she can take a break.

If you thought you appreciated the freezing expansion you gained from other menthol e liquids if they reached your lungs, then you will fall in love with the breath of the freshest arctic air that is pumped into your windbags with a little assistance from spearmint from Super Cool.

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