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If you are anything like most people, it can be hard to sit down and have a meal in the morning, meaning that you end up missing out on all of those great breakfast foods!

Cremlon presents a Creme Brulee flavored decorated with confection sugar topped off with a tangy lemon zest.

Among the best things about The Man is that every puff of your vape brings a taste of those sweet strawberries.

An ode to the mixology and passion for the world tastes of DREAM, Paramour combines a hint of a nutty tingle, and ripe fruits using a light cream flavor.

DREAM releases French Sunrise, a flavor that brings to life the very first light of a sweet morning in Paris, including the ideal balance between granulated sugar, red oak maple syrup, rich, fine vanilla, and"melt in your mouth" French toast.

Stay cool with Harley Quinn and do not be reluctant to go mad with a perfect blend of yummy raspberry cookie mix.

This great combination is a certain winner to the heart of anyone!

It's Pixy E Liquid does amazing recreations of favored candy treats which are so packed with bold taste they taste much better than the real thing.

This heavenly breakfast blend with Tasty O's E Liquid Brings together some of the flavors out there, cereal that is savory, tropical, sweet banana and complimentary nuts.

If you're a sweet lover who can't seem to get enough sugary flavor to satisfy those cravings, this is the juice to you.

This snack is going to provide a new meaning to sour and sweet.

Lemon Crunch Cake E Liquid put together this dessert that is heavenly with a moist bundt cake that has been infused with lemon that is daring and coated in a sweet sugar.

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