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Blue is not simply the name of the colour that you see in the sky or the island water that you would not mind going for a swim in.

A blended treat which will have even the most prolific of cigarette experts enthralled with its taste.

Leaf Erikson has that American cigarette flavor that is smooth, supple and totally vape worthy.

If you love this deep, smokey flavor you could only get from burning this is vape juice to you.

Grand Habano is a rolled Cuban cigar's complete representation.

Tobacco can be a bit hot and a bit fruity and originates in Louisianna.

  Burley is a earthy, nutty tobacco aromatic and full of flavor and originates in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Truebacco Vapor E Liquid has produced this vape juice from Cuban seed cigar tobacco by employing innovative techniques to supply natural tobacco.

Captain Blackbeard is an mixture of abundant, dark and golden, mild Cavendish tobacco Cavendish which comes in Virginia tobacco through curing.

Bosporus by Truebacco Vapor E Liquid is a blend of Turkish Samsun tobacco which treated by the sun, is grown on the shore of the Black Sea and mixed up with smooth Virginia tobacco.

Produced with tobacco that is naturally extracted, Balkan Bliss by Truebacco Vapor E Liquid is a vape juice to behold!

Amsterdam Classic definitely a full flavored tobacco, using the maximum quality"Halfzware" tobacco which is a mixture of both Dark Fired Kentucky and Golden Virginia tobacco mixes.

This kind of incredibly balanced tobacco blend that has the perfect quantity of fruit flavor that provides enough interest without getting away from the tobacco flavor that is genuine.

Blend that is fruity and slightly nutty with notes of cherry and black currant was inspired by A South American tobacco.

A perfect, authentic mild cigarette taste that is great for people searching.

Mana is Polynesian for"of power" and this honey soaked tobacco mix most certainly brings the power.

Bub's Backy is an excellent choice for any vaper that actually appreciates a fine tobacco taste which has lots of measurement.

Bub's Backy has a rich taste that can satisfy even the most critical of tobacco vape juice fans.

A tobacco taste combined with a high excellent vanilla and notes of wild raspberries come together to make a delight.

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