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This mix of cream and vanilla with notes of hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pie crust and finished off with a hint of cigarette that is mild lives up to its namesake!

Smooth vanilla creams with strawberry's taste.

Fresh pair together with sweet vanilla to make a mild, tasty vape perfect for anytime.

A evolving flavor that is powerful that is creamy experience you will fall in love with each time you vape it.

This hazelnut base with a cream match is a favorite among lovers of creamy vapes.

So much flavor you're going to want to dance to show your appreciation.

A rich and slick vape that isn't healthy but current enough to provide a healthy flavor experience that reminds you of old memories.

Sundae Times is our take on summer time classic which pairs whipped vanilla with a very small nutty plus a caramel base taste to extend a flavor experience that is pure.

A moist muffin foundation with creamy vanilla thick milkshake and ripe blueberries.

A victory of an adventure full of flavors that were blended and memories.

A golden brown heated waffle cone topped with a light, fluffy whipped cream and filled with the most amazing, rich, creamy, premium vanilla ice cream.

The Showstopper from Shocker E-Liquid is a homemade treat that will provide one of the warm, comforting atmosphere inside.

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