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The Streak is the name of this liquid that will make you feel as if you are at a restaurant diner going to considerably to a breakfast classic.

Solifaction is a heavenly combination of warm, homemade cinnamon, apple pie that's fresh from the oven with light, fluffy waffles, the perfect amount of sticky sweet syrup to set off this masterpiece and when you thought this juice couldn't get any better, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is put on top.

Charlie Noble pays tribute to one of the Netherlands exports that are greatest, the Stroopwafel requires two waffle cookies and sandwiches spiced caramel to provide a dessert vape.

Melony takes on the tastes of ice cream that is cantaloupe using a waffle base that brings an extremely special deal with that is vaping together.

This waffle flavored e liquid can bring you back to the days of mom pouring a piping hot maple syrup over your waffle.

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Catch this Remix by Electric Lotus, a Belgian waffle topped with a touch of bavarian cream, maple syrup, whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon.

Waffles topped with salted caramel, butter pecan and hints of hazelnut which are so lovely they can turn any nightmare into a dream.

Love the flavor of the main meal of the day.

Let the creamy, peanut butter taste that is rich tantalize your taste buds and the savory waffle cone add .

They make juices you might have only dreamed of in the past, you know those times when you begin putting together random distinct taste combinations on your head and have the munchies?

Flag E Liquid is a lineup which makes juices which impress with their stunning quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship which allow you to know that you have of the They come up with a few of the trendiest and juices which you're able to find a hold of and you're going to want to keep a close eye on everything they discharge.

Blueberry takes just two of their most delectable, right out of the waffle manufacturer waffles and puts a healthy serving of creamy, dreamy, thick ice cream in between then tops it off with a vibrant, bold, natural tasting blueberry syrup which will drive you crazy!

Bordello covers you with a blueberry waffle dressed in custard and maple syrup.

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