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When you choose a pull of this vape juice, you are going to feel as if there's a unicorn stomping away on your mouth if it was hurrying to go down your throat.

Light with the ideal amount of richness, so perfectly blended and silky you'll feel in love with the expertise subtlety of the vape juice.

In case you haven't seen a dessert which you love to vape yet, you eventually have an offering which will appeal to everyone including those fortunate enough to be within distance of your own cloud.

Meld two amazing treats into a vape that includes such an intoxicating scent it jumps out at you the minute you take the seal.

A mixture of whipped cream caramel and vanilla whipped to a frenzy of smacking goodness.

Do not get on that coffee home line, now you can indulge at the sweetness of Unicorn Frappe directly out of your vape.

A golden brown heated waffle cone topped with a light, fluffy whipped cream and filled with the most amazing, rich, creamy, premium vanilla ice cream.

Everyone needs a slice of Humble Pie every once in a while and this yummy vape juice blend with you wanting it all day daily.

  Blueberry Creme by Creme E Liquid is a vape juice that is whipped until the complete perfection of it, so mild and smooth in taste with that fruity soda, you'll have difficulty changing up your vape juice selection.

Reminiscent of the dole whip cure by your kingdom, this classically complementary mix of pineapple and whipped cream is a vape juice that you will not be able to put down.

The glowing, slightly tart tangerine flavor and vanilla ice cream and whipped cream flavors pairs perfectly together.

Honeydew melon that was velvety, Envision succulent, hollowed and filled with fluffy whipped cream.

Smax E Liquid combines them all into a yummy e liquid that brings all these amazing tastes into a great balance to give you a phenomenal vape encounter.

Blueberry takes citrus berries and juicy blueberries have been piled on top of a golden nevertheless warm donut and covered with sweet cream and crumbled vanilla biscuits up.

Beard Gains E Liquid knows what we want and is providing it to us with some of the real flavors in the marketplace in full force.

M E Liquid is well known for their excellent vape juice combinations that legendary for how well constructed and genuine that they taste, VIII is absolutely no exception.

Mango & Cream French Dude mixes toast with whipped creams that are candy, mangoes, and cream into a yummy breakfast on the go, vape in style, vape unique, and deliver your vape to the promise land with something new and completely original.

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