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You haven't run into a dessert mix that's quite enjoy this, it's likely to supply you with all of these different, complementary aspects that turns a yummy flavor into something outstanding and as soon as you try it for the first time and contains you lost for words.

A smooth mix of peppermint and chocolate that provides a taste explosion similar to a famous cure. These tastes are HIGH IN NICOTINE and intended ONLY for devices.

This hard candy strawberry mix provides a flavor explosion that can make your pods sing a song of praise.

Take your pod mod into vanilla bean city with this vanilla rich flavor that fits your cigalike such as the battery into the pod. These flavors are HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for devices.

Put in your tooth and show it who's boss - that pod juice is the selection for all events.

Tropical pleasures await, an escape to be created by a lemonade experience pairing a mixture of island fruit .

Menthol that unites vanilla and ginger to offer a slight frightening feeling to a cascading sweetness.

A bold tobacco flavor with subtle notes of roasted nuts which can transform your pods in to fountains of flavor.

Be the boss of your pod mod using this tobacco taste that delivers a level kind of tobacco taste though it was dried and obsolete by the finest of specialists. These flavors intended ONLY for mouth-to-lung devices and are HIGH IN NICOTINE.

If you are already a fan of Red’s E-Liquid you know what to expect from them. Authentic and realisti...

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